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Building Code Violations

Property owners are slapped with building violations for a myriad of violations.  Generally, these tickets are issued after a building, restaurant, or business inspection, and involve substantial fines.  These fines can also accrue daily penalties as long as the underlying violation remains uncured.  Here at Aaron Fox Law, we have the tools, expertise, and persistence to defend these violations.

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Business Violations

Chicago business code violations are most commonly issued for violations of Article IV of the Chicago Municipal Code.  The most common penalty-incurring violations are:

  • Lacking a required business license;
  • Improperly displaying a business license;
  • Employing deceptive business practices;
  • Utilizing an overweight vehicle.

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CDOT Violations

These violations commonly are issued for improper street restoration, lack of permits or proper public protections for:

  • construction, tuck pointing, painting;
  • when working on the exterior of the building over the public way.

The Chicago Ordinance allows for fines per day for many of these violations.

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Chicago Business

The three most common issues that affect business owners are:

  • the initial application;
  • license renewal;
  • license revocation and rescission.

The Chicago Ordinance allows for license holds, nonrenewal status, and location restriction for businesses and should be examined carefully.

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Health Code

Health Code violations are commonly issued to restaurants and grocery stores for:

  • improper temperature of food or facilities;
  • poor hygiene;
  • rodent infestation;
  • no food manager on site.

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Police Tickets 

Police issue tickets for various Chicago Municipal Code violations, including:

  • Speaking on a cell phone while driving;
  • Owning a burglar alarm system which alerted in the absence of an emergency;
  • Drinking alcohol while driving or in a public area.

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Property Taxes

Property taxes in Cook County seem to always be going up.  Learn how to beat the system and:

  • Lower your property taxes;
  • Discover the hidden secret of the Board of Review
  • Get all the money the County owes you through exemptions

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Street & Sanitation

Violations of the Streets and Sanitation ordinances of the Chicago Municipal Code can incur considerable fines. The most common violations cited are:

  • overgrown weeds;
  • overflowing dumpsters;
  • owning an open lot without a noncombustible fence;
  • trash on property premises.

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Vehicle Impoundment

The City of Chicago responds to vehicular violations of certain ordinances by towing, or “impounding,” the vehicle. Most commonly, a car or van will be impounded in reaction to a driver driving with a suspended license or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In addition, a car being used in conjunction with illegal drugs can be impounded by the police even though the driver is not under the influence. The owner of an impounded car confronts the two-fold burden of hefty daily storage fines accruing and the loss of his or her vehicle’s use.

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