Initial Application:

Obtaining a City of Chicago business license can daunt even the brave-hearted.  Having your application denied due to an outstanding debt or a zoning restriction can put a damper on your business aspirations.  Time and money can be wasted by tackling the application process alone.  We know the law and the process – you know your trade; we can help you handle the law – while you can grow your business.

License Renewal:

Even renewing a business license is not a walk in the park.  The City has a tremendous arsenal of regulations to restrict the renewal of your business license.  Frequently, well-meaning business owners pay the renewal fee while, unbeknownst to them, a license hold prevents the renewal from taking effect.  Holds can stem from disciplinary action, unpaid City fines, debt, or even lacking a sign permit.  We can guide you through the renewal process to ensure you’re not tripped up by any unforeseen obstacles.  The City may rain on your renewal parade, while we can help you dance right on through.

Revocation and Rescission:

The City can revoke your business license for a variety of offenses, including multiple tobacco violations within a twenty-four month period, or failing to pay City debt (including parking tickets).  As the knowledgeable Goliath, the City enters remediation conferences and disciplinary actions confidently, with a strong upper hand.  Rather than going in alone, load up your secret weapon and take along an attorney fluent in both the relevant law and your rights.  Your secret weapon’s knowledge will weigh heavily in your favor at the bargaining table, and unsuspecting Goliath will fall again at the feet of David.  As a firm with experience in this area, well-versed in the relevant laws and regulations, we are prepared to help you wage your battle.

Whether you are looking to obtain a City of Chicago license, renew a City of Chicago license, or have a disciplinary action or hold on your account that you need removed, our firm is here for you.  Contact us now: afox@aaronfoxlaw.comcall (312) 224-0028, or fill out the form below.  Aaron Fox Law is committed to helping you patiently step by step — we look forward to your business success.

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